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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are third molars which erupt when not impacted around eighteen years of age. They provide no known function except for the small percentage of patients in whom their eruption is normal. Most wisdom teeth do not erupt into functional position. The extraction of wisdom teeth is suggested for those patients that have minimal or no chance of proper eruption of these teeth.

Some of the problems associated with wisdom teeth and their improper eruption patterns are:

  • Pericoronitis - an inflammation of the tissue overlying a partially erupted tooth.
  • Cyst Formation - a proliferation of cells over an unerupted tooth.
  • Decay leading to an abscessed tooth - this is a problem with third molars because of a patient's inability to keep these teeth clean.

Dr. Sonntag and Dr. Ruth suggest removal of third molars when their eruption patterns appear to lead to an abnormal future position of the teeth. Each patient is evaluated after a panoramic radiograph is taken. A proper diagnosis and a patient information consultation is necessary before the wisdom teeth are extracted. For most patients this treatment can be performed in this office.

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