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4400 Fashion Square Blvd - PO Box 5795, Saginaw, MI 48603   *   Phone: (989) 790-3357     Fax: (989) 790-3443

Flouride Treatments

For years dental researchers have known of the benefits of fluoride applications to human teeth. The greatest benefit of a fluoride treatment is the inhibition of decay.

Ingested fluoride (usually through the water from municipal systems) has a long track record of decay suppression in developing teeth.


Topical application of fluoride inhibits decay by altering the surface of the tooth. This treatment has the maximum benefit immediately after professional cleaning of the teeth.

Fluoride application to a tooth's root surface has a profound beneficial effect on decay inhibition and desensitization. Fluoride application for many patients, especially the middle aged and seniors, is indicated for these reasons.


Some insurance carriers have recently dropped, without notice to our office or their subscribers, coverage for fluoride applications. This change applies mostly to adults but some children's coverage may also be affected. (Age limits vary depending on your employer's specifications.)


Please be aware that these unannounced changes may reduce your insurance benefits. As a subscriber you should inform those in charge of purchasing dental insurance for your company that this has occurred. A clinically proven prophylactic medication should not be randomly dropped from your treatment regimen due to insurance cost cutting measures. Even though your insurance company may not pay for fluoride, we strongly recommend it. Fluoride treatment is extremely beneficial to your continuing dental health.

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