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4400 Fashion Square Blvd - PO Box 5795, Saginaw, MI 48603   *   Phone: (989) 790-3357     Fax: (989) 790-3443


CEREC - Natural Looking Fillings

The wait is over for natural-looking restorations. You now can have white fillings produced by our CEREC (Cad-Cam) process.


As a patient, you may be mostly concerned  with aesthetics. After all, why should other people be able to see your fillings?


But dentists know that other material characteristics such as durability and biocompatibility are of primary importance.


With CEREC, Dr. Sonntag and Dr. Ruth are equipped with a high-tech system for the computerized generation of natural-looking restorations. The system uses high-quality dental ceramic.


This material is produced by a sophisticated industrial manufacturing process which guarantees maximum uniformity in structure and composition. It also has the capacity to withstand intra-oral stresses.


The restoration is milled under computer control and the dentist then carefully inserts it into the tooth using the adhesive bonding technique.


This ensures a perfect marginal seal between the filling and the tooth. There is no "gap" through which bacteria can penetrate and cause dental decay.


The result: optimum material quality with natural appearance and tooth color.


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CEREC Technology

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