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Payment & FAQ


As a service to our patients, we are pleased to offer the CareCredit card, the nation's leading patient payment program. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately—then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that are easy to fit into your monthly budget. So, you can begin your dental care treatment today and conveniently pay with low, monthly payments.


CareCredit offers a full range of No Interest and Extended Payment Plans for treatment fees from $1 to over $25,000.

No Interest Payment Plans Extended Payment Plans
  • 3, 6, & 12 month plan options

  • No interest if the balance is paid
    within the specified time period

  • Low minimum monthly payments

  • 24, 36, & 48 month plan options

  • For treatment fees from $1,500 to over $25,000

  • 12.96% interest rate

  • Monthly payments as low as $41 for a $1,500 fee balance

With CareCredit, you pay no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties and no fees. Plus, CareCredit is a revolving credit line for additional treatment or add-on charges, without the need to re-apply. It only takes a few minutes to apply for CareCredit and you may receive an online decision in seconds! Apply now or see our staff for more details.

Families with Two Insurance Policies

Recently, this office has become aware of a loophole in Michigan's insurance regulation. This gimmick allows insurance carriers to not pay for coverage when families have dual insurance through two different employers. This loophole's name is listed as "non-duplication of benefits" clause.


This clause allows the secondary insurance carrier to not pay its percentage of the treatment if the first (primary) carrier has already paid for the treatment.


As an example, if treatment performed was $100.00 and paid at 50% by the primary carrier, the remaining 50% may be denied by the secondary carrier. This is the rationale behind the "non-duplication of benefits" clause. The primary carrier paid $50.00, and the secondary carrier payment would normally be the remaining $50.00, but due to the secondary insurance allowing the same dollar amount paid by the primary insurance it becomes a "non-duplication of benefit". Please note that this clause is not fully explained to the employer upon purchase of benefits. The employer is shown that they can acquire more reasonable rates by purchasing this particular benefit package. It is not until the services are denied that this reduction in benefits is realized.


Antibiotic Pre-Medication

Dental procedures which cause micro cuts or obvious open bleeding within the mouth allow the patient's own oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Because of the patient's medical history he or she may need antibiotics to take prior to dental treatment. Each case is evaluated based on the patient's history.

Summer Injuries

During the warmer months, the chances of a dental injury increase, What do you do if you or your child has a tooth knocked (evulsed) out?


The first thing is remain calm! There is usually a lot of bleeding associated with an oral injury. This will stop with gentle pressure on the bleeding area.


Find the tooth, clean it by holding onto the crown of the tooth while rinsing it with water. Gently reposition the tooth back into the tooth socket.


If you can not place the tooth back into the socket after rinsing with water then either place it into the patient's mouth under the tongue or transport it in a plastic bag filled with milk or water.


The chance of successful re-implantation of a tooth are greatest if the patient can be treated by a dentist soon after the accident. If treatment is started within the first hour after the accident, a 50% chance of success can be expected.


Please call the office at (989) 790-3357 for emergency dental care.

Sterilization & Disinfection

Over the past few years the cleanliness of dental equipment and instruments has been a major concern for the dental industry.


In our office the sterilization area is located in the middle of the clinical area. We invite any of our patients who have questions concerning instrument re-circulation, disinfection of operatory surfaces or any other questions to feel free to ask.  If you would like to see what my staff and I do between patients we would be very happy to show you.

We are constantly striving to maintain the highest and most modern of dental, clinical, and management skills. We would always like you to feel comfortable coming to our office and referring your relatives, friends and neighbors.

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